Rapid COVID Tests

You don’t need to register yourself. The test results will be given on site. Please note that only people without any symptoms can be test. People with symptoms relating to Coronavirus — such as fever, cough, runny nose and exhaustion, as well as breathing problems, sore throat, headaches or aching limbs — cannot get tested at the test facility. Please contact your general practicioner for a PCR Test.


DRK Feuerwehr Fürstenberg
Kreuzdamm 6a
16798 Fürstenberg/Havel)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 15:00-18:00

Teststelle Corona Border Point GmbH
Markt 6
16798 Fürstenberg/Havel

Monday-Sunday - 07:00-20:00

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Until 30-4-2022 the Landkreis Oberhavel will offer the following vaccination possibilities. The vaccine used are Biotech and Moderna as well as Novovax (in specific locations).

Refugees from Ukraine can also get vaccinated (using their passport).

Kreisgeschäftsstelle des DRK Gransee
Koliner Straße
16775 Gransee

Every Wednesday - 17.00 until 20.00 \\ Note: Vaccination with Novavax possible

Impfstelle im Kreistagssaal
Havelstraße 3
16515 Oranienburg

Monday-Friday / 09.00-13.00 (until 31.03.2022)\\

With and without appointments. Appointments can be made at: https://brandenburg-impftermine.de
Note: Vaccination with Novavax possible

Asklepios Klinik in Birkenwerder
Hubertusstraße 12-22, 16547 Birkenwerder
Online appointments at https://coronaimpfung.asklepios.com/impftermine

In addition to first and second vaccinations, booster vaccinations are offered as well, as long as the last vaccination is longer than three months ago. Second vaccinations can be done starting three weeks after the first vaccination (at a place and time of your choosing).

You have to bring your ID (passport), health care card and - if you have it - your vaccination booklet. You also have to bring the pre-filled forms (“Aufklärungsbogen”, “Anamnese-Einwilligung”, “Datenschutzerklärung” and form for the second vaccination). You can download these at https://brandenburg-impft.de . Please also bring a mask.

In order to get vaccinated you have to feel well and have no symptoms like fever, a cough or a runny nose.

Information sheet for vaccination against COVID-19
More information in Ukrainian:
More information in German