There are three places where you can register yourself as a refugee: the city administration (Fürstenberg/Havel), the district (Oberhavel) and the Bahnhof.

Please note: registration is not binding: you can still choose where you want to live after registration.

City Administration

Registration here is simple (but not mandatory):

  • You have to go the town hall, to Frau Lepschies. The city hall is at Markt 1. You have to go to room 3 in the ground floor (“Zimmer 3 / EG”).
  • They will make a copy of your passport and want to know at where you are staying.
  • You will receive welcome money from the city: 100€ per adult and 50€ per kid.

District Administration (Oberhavel)

Registration here is a bit more complicated, but will make sure you can eventually get access to the German health care system and social system. Here is their website with information for refugees (also in Ukrainian). This registration is not mandatory but very important.

The first step is a preliminary registration:

  • You have to make a copy of your passport and provide a telephone number
  • You need to send this to
  • The district will call you to make an appointment for the real registration

Alternatively, you can also come to the Bahnhof and we will help you with the preliminary registration process

After your preliminary registration you will receive (after processing) medical insurance.

Verstehbahnhof (Citizen Initiative)

You can also register yourself at the Verstehbahnhof. This is so that we can help you and contact you. We aim to provide language courses, meetups, general help, translation, and so forth.

If you come to the Bahnhof, we will give you a small bag with information, as well as get you registered.

Alternatively, you can register here.